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Sheila Ann Morgan makes history as the first person scattered in the new Garden of Reflection. History in the making! 100 years and still growing and changing.

As we celebrate 100 years of service to our community we are proud to provide more options to the public. We are aware and conscious of the needs of the community and we hear you! Scattering gardens offer an affordable choice for families.

You will be forever be a part of our historic cemetery by having remains scattered our garden and your loved one will be memorialized within the walls of Ivy Lawn forever.

We will offer two scattering garden locations……. Both reflecting Ivy Lawn’s renowned reputation for providing quality memorialization.

“Garden of Reflection” is our scattering garden for the general public and “Garden of Honor” is exclusively our Veteran’s scattering garden.

Both located in a lovely secluded area of the cemetery designed specifically for cremation burials. They offer privacy, space and a welcoming spot to sit and reflect in private.


Scattering charge $2000.00
Endowment care charge $400.00
Limited Inscription $1000.00
Memorial endowment care $300.00
TOTAL $3700.00

Scattering is a permanent and irretrievable choice, which means you can never retrieve the remains of your loved. But you will have peace of mind! And you will be able to memorialize your loved one on the substantial handsome granite panels that anchor the walls of the scattering garden. You can come to visit because when you scatter remains at Ivy Lawn, you will be forever be part of historic cemetery and your loved one will be memorialized within the walls of Ivy Lawn. Please call our office to discuss any arrangements you may need or ask any questions you may have.